Czech Bugatti Club

The Czech Bugatti Club was founded in 2010 when a few enhusiasist started to make a Bugatti register. It is a club of Bugatti friends and owners of this car which maps the history of Bugatti cars and everything connected with this trademark in the territory of Bohemia at the time of the A–H Monarchy, Czechoslovakia, during the protectorate, communism and the Czech Republic. The established association was confirmed by the Municipal Court of Prague which registered it in the Register of Associations on 16 November 2015. It is a club of car owners and friends of this make. It maps the history of Bugatti cars and everything related to this make in the territory of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, Czechoslovakia, the Protectorate, the communist period and the Czech Republic.The club can also provide various related information and it cooperates with other associations and clubs with a similar focus of interest.